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In the midst of our affordable housing and environmental crises, the Province keeps pushing detached houses on precious farmland and natural spaces.

Furthering the devastation of Bill 23, the Ontario government now proposes full-throttle sprawl that undermines sustainable, transit-supportive, affordable communities.  They want to cut policies requiring efficient, environmentally-sensitive growth.  They want to allow every farm three severances and up to 12 homes.  The government even wants to delete the Provincial definition of “affordable housing”. 

But we cannot be deceived.  We know the facts:

  • The government has a duty to consult First Nations.

  • Municipalities already have enough land to build over 2 million homes.

  • Focusing on supply without considering affordability cannot fix our crisis.

Join us in refusing the false choice between affordable housing and sustainable, local decision-making.

Bring out the family and the picnic basket!  Let’s stop The Big Sprawl.
(The picnic is a “bring your own” event.  We’ll provide great company.)


Rally Against the Big Sprawl
Saturday July 29, 2023

Rally 2-3 pm * Picnic 3-4 pm

University Ave. W., between Westmount and Seagram

Waterloo Park, Waterloo, Ontario

Need more information?

Please help spread the word! Share our poster by email or advertise on Social Media.


Grand River Transit

GRT Transit Routes 12 and 29 stop along University Ave (Stops 2677 and 2780).


The Laurier-Waterloo Park Station is about an 8 minute walk.


Paid parking is available at the University of Waterloo in Parking Lot C.
(entrance on Seagram Drive)

Detailed map below including location of speeches and picnic
Picnic Map - Copy.png

Speeches and Picnic at the Bandshell

We have three ways you can help, even if you can’t join us at the rally on July 29th:

1.Sign our petition and collect other’s signatures, too.

2.Submit a comment on the Environmental Registry of Ontario by August 4, 2023. (Notice # 019-6813)

3.Write or call the provincial government:

Doug Ford (PC) 416-325-1941

Steve Clark (PC)

Minister of Municipal Affairs and Housing

David Piccini (PC)

Minister of the Environment, Conservation and Parks

Lisa Thompson (PC)

Minister of Agriculture, Food, and Rural Affairs 519-396-3007 or 519-523-4251

Mike Harris Jr (PC)


Jess Dixon (PC)

(Kitchener South-Hespeler)  519-650-9413

Brian Riddell (PC) 

(Cambridge)     519-650-2770

List of All MPPs

Learn More
Information on the proposed changes to the Provincial Policy Statement and Growth Plan available here.
More information on Bill 23 here and at the website of 50by30WR.

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